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RE/TUNE CLOUD Online Modeling Class

RE/TUNE Online Modeling Class teaches children basic standing posture and standing posture skills, turning skills, walking skills, in-studio posing technique, and etiquette culture. Rhythm training, music listening appreciation training, model physique training, creative training Suitable for different age groups. Outstanding students will have the opportunity to participate in international modeling competitions and signing with RE/TUNE management department to be listed in the top international fashion weeks and major fashion weeks.


Course features

· Leading in the industry and adhering to the academic training system. Systematic way of teaching and customized learning experience.

· Highly professional, each instructor has top fashion week catwalk experience and more than four years of experience in teaching children's models. Multilingual teaching in Chinese, English and Cantonese.

· International vision, participating in the four major international fashion weeks every year, students have opportunities to walk top fashion shows!

· Classes are taught in small classes, each class is limited to 5 people, ensuring that every student gets one-to-one guidance.

· Online courses are not subject to geographical and weather restrictions. Professional, convenient and effective.

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